I'm a Security Training Platform for the IT Industry with a focus on
Security Professionals, Penetration Tests, Storages , MCITP and Virtualization.

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    Because of its flexibility, the CTF365 Platform can improve your organization's core information security training capabilities as an add-on layer or a standalone solution.

What People Say

Thoughts and feedback from IT Community

  • Sean Williams - Facebook

    It seems like you have a fun and potentially challenging CTF setup going on. I really like the ongoing, always-on aspect.

  • Leon Tale - NCC

    CTF365, is one of the top resources i would recommend to any one starting out in IT security and wanting to train their skills or beginner to advanced users participating in a vast competitive and realistic capture the flag.

  • Christopher Thomas -SCS

    I think the main thing is that its more of a real world setup not these vulnerable by design labs but real world targets

  • Matt Robey - Security Professional

    A fabulous concept, Brilliantly executed.

  • Hardy Mansen - Unibet

    World Class Support. Thanks!

  • Marius Avram Gabriel - RandomStorm

    If you want to improve your security skills then Mehran is best Persone! Great platform for infosec trainings.


Welcome to my website , I Day-to-Day work involves Vulnerability Research
Exploit development and Whitebox and Black box Penetration Test.


CEH | MCITP | Storages | Virtualization | Penetration Test | Networking | Linux | Python

Cisco Certified CCNP
Penetration Test with Kali PWK
Security Wireless Attack WIFO
Cracking The Perimete CTP
Advanced Win Exploitation AWE
Advanced Web Attacks AWAE
VMware Expert VCP

Hands-On | Challenging | Community-Driven | Entertaining

Unlike conventional PenTest labs where you train on vulnerable-by-design servers, the CTF365 Platform provides Security Professionals with the opportunity to train on real servers created by real users. CTF365 doesn't limit your training scope. As a security professional, you can use your existing arsenal of PenTest tools, discover new tools, and test new tools.

CTF365 is a top-notch security training platform that offers five-star offensive and defensive security training services.
On CTF365, System Administrators are targeted by attackers from all over the world. Like a flight simulator for pilots, CTF365 gives System Administrators the ability to execute threat responses without real risks.
With CTF365, you can test new setups and configurations without concern of damaging your production systems. More importantly, you can improve your defensive security without risk of real exposure. With our “Private Hack Notifications," we reduce your need to be connected to CTF365 24/7.
With the help of CTF365's large community of users, web developers and programmers can have their code and web applications tested for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection (SQLI), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Security Misconfiguration, Sensitive Data Exposure, Missing Function Level Access Control, and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSFR).
“Pimp your server” and learn hands-on how to protect your applications.

Security Through Gamification

is Amazing

An Internet within

The Internet

On our "Internet," there are hundreds of applications running on hundreds of fortresses (servers) just waiting to be attacked.
Think of "World of Warcraft" or "Second Life" for hackers where you can practice SQL injection, Deface, DDoS, Brute Force, Sniffing, MiTM etc.


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I can help you to add-on layer or it can be used as a standalone solution to improve your organization's core security training capabilities.


— Increase Training Core Capabilities

— Better Skilled Employees/Customers

— Quantifiable Performance Metrics

— High ROI (Return Over Investment)

Improve their offensive skills, develop new attack strategies, test new offensive tools or their own scripts/tools against machines that are not "Vulnerable by Design" ones.
Train their defensive security skills, testing new defensive tools/tactics, improve risk mitigation plans through data collection processes, analytics to spot incidents in a dynamic environment.
Web developers can leverage user base to help spot vulnerabilities in their open sourced web applications, write security conscious code and produce safer web applications.

Information Security

Learning | Training | Testing | Improving